What is Masters in Blockchain?

Masters In Blockchain is an online Blockchain outsourcing platform that puts proprietors and businesses in contact with a global network of experts and also specialized in Blockchain Courses. Any member can post a Blockchain project, whether short term or long term, and choose from skilled Blockchain experts who offer bid proposals with rates and time estimates to complete the project. Masters In Blockchain is a mutually beneficial arrangement between service providers and project owners. Employers can have their pick of thousands of Blockchain experts from Masters In Blockchain having the exact skillset needed to get the job done. 
How do I sign up?

  • Fill out a short signup form. You will be asked to create a unique username for identification in our system, provide a valid email address, create your password (The password must be at least 6 characters) and confirm that you have read our Terms and Conditions.
  • Select user type. You will be asked to select User type according to your requirements.
  • Confirm your email address. When you submit the registration form, we will send a verification email to the email address you provided upon signing up. Follow the link provided on the email to activate your Masters in Blockchain account.
  • Complete your profile. After signup system will create your profile on your given information. You need to review your profile for errors or missing content. Correct and complete profile will help the Blockchain community know who you are as a person and what you're looking for professionally.

Users with incomplete or disabled profiles will not be allowed to bid on projects. Here are a few tips to complete your profile and get noticed:

  • Be sure to upload a photo on your profile. It is much easier to recognize and relate to a face than a username.
  • You might want to consider using your full name or company name as your display name.
  • Your Professional Headline is a good place to make a solid first impression. It might be your company slogan or a list of the top skills you can offer to an employer. It should make other users want to know more about you.
  • Add Your Skills and expertise.
  • Use the Summary section to give more details about yourself. Talk about your company mission or your work history.

The information you provide on your profile page will give other users an overview of your skills and/or needs.

User Profile

Once You have successfully compete your profile, your username is permanent and you can’t change it. To build trust among users in the marketplace, the display name is now based on a user's personal name or on a Corporate account's company name. As such, the option to change the display name is unavailable (company name can be changed by admin after your request). Other information of your account can be edited from your profile page.

Corporate Profile

The Corporate Profile displays all necessary information about your company. Our Corporate Profile page allows you to add additional information (Company name, Company tag line, Company logo, Corporate profile description, featured review, membership badge and cover page) about your corporate account.

What fees does Masters in Blockchain charge?

It's free to join Masters In Blockchain . We charge a 20%, 10%, or 5

What are Expert memberships?

An expert membership is your way to benefit from using Masters In Blockchain . You can stay as a Free member or get additional benefits by upgrading to any of our paid Masters In Blockchain Memberships: Membership Plus plans give Blockchain users and agencies the option to upgrade for extra features and perks as part of their Masters in Blockchain account. 
You can upgrade the membership Plan by visiting the Masters In Blockchain membership Page.

When do I get paid?

Masters In Blockchain , the bid amount is released once the Employer accepts your submitted bid and completes the Project Handover or after the completion of project.

What currency is accepted for payment?

You can Pay through the payment methods listed in the project.
Note: You can no longer change the currency of your project once it is posted, so make sure that you choose the right one that you want to use. 

Payment Details:

  • Bitcoin
  • Mollie
  • Stripe
  • Master card
  • PayPal
  • Direct Bank Transfer

Withdraw Your Earnings Your earnings will be withdrawn automatically according to your chosen payment schedule. However, you may request to withdraw your available earnings immediately (terms and condition may apply).

What can I do if the employer doesn't pay me?

If the employer declared you the project winner but did not complete the Project Handover, please contact our Support team so we can investigate for you. Just go to this page, scroll down and click Customer Support.

How can I find the right services?

You can browse and search for services on listing page.

How do you help me find freelancers?

First, an expert will review your requirements and understand your needs. Then, tapping our pool of pre-vetted Blockchain freelancers, the specialist utilizes the intel gleaned from our screening process, verified work history of freelancer on Masters In Blockchain and powerful search tools to pinpoint available Blockchain freelancers.

How do I evaluate a freelancer, pre-hire?

Before hiring the freelancer, you can always look into their detailed information provided on their profile that includes their previous work experience, resumes, number of hours worked through Masters In Blockchain and the skills tests that they have taken to get a better understanding of who you are hiring. To evaluate the performance of the freelancer we also display feedback from the clients they have previously worked for to give you an idea of client satisfaction score. 
You can ultimately select your freelancer by communicating your expectations and demands openly and clearly to make sure you face no difficulties or delays.

How do I check the Trustworthiness of the Enterprise/ Employer?

The credibility or reliability of the Enterprise/ Employer can always be evaluated by a detail examination of their profile. Enterprise/ Employer’s profile mostly contains information regarding the feedback history, number of jobs posted, total amount spent, a record for awarding posted jobs and the time a client has spent providing work on Masters In Blockchain. You can also discuss the project with the help of Masters In Blockchain messages to learn more about the specifications of the project and expectations of the client.

How do I maximize job success pre-hire as either a Freelancer or Enterprise/ Employer?

To ensure that the project gets completed as desired, the Enterprise/ Employer must ensure that the specifications and requirements of job posted are clear and leaves no room for any ambiguity. Furthermore, always discuss the job before hiring to ensure that the requirements are met. As for freelancers clearly mention your skills and accept projects that match them.

What is included in program management?

Hiring managers wanting more assistance can work with a program manager, who can create a custom plan and help execute the project until the work is complete. This includes project consultation, platform logistics, large-scale program implementation, and ongoing maintenance.

How can users learn how to use the platform?

We will provide different methods through training, videos, documents, articles and custom support.

Messages is a chat-based communication and collaboration platform. You can chat with your clients, freelancers, and team members in real time or have the conversation waiting for them when they come online.

Messaging Shortcuts


Sends message


Creates new line within message entry box


Edit last comment


Closes @mention box if open; closes emoticon panel if open; cancels edit if in edit message context


For next/prev rooms


For going between rooms and unread rooms


Go to search


Paste a quote as text only

Where do I get the mobile & desktop apps?

iPhone Masters In Blockchain Messenger - Apple app store Android Masters In Blockchain Messenger - Android app store Desktop app for Windows, Mac, and Linux for Blockchain freelancers - download here. Your app activity will sync with your Messages tab in Masters In Blockchain.

How do I add an attachment to my message?

To add an attachment through your Inbox, simply click the + Attach Files button and click Reply. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file to the file attachment section. You may send multiple attachments at a time. Image files will display a thumbnail preview within the conversation.

The Masters in Blockchain Rewards feature provides you with additional rewards and benefits just for using Masters In Blockchain.com the way you ordinarily would. As you complete certain tasks and accomplish certain goals, you will earn Experience Points (XP) that go towards increasing your Rewards Level.

Who is eligible for Masters In Blockchain Rewards?

All members will receive experience points to increase their Rewards Level, unlock rewards and earn credits and badges. However, only those with a paid membership plan can actually benefit from the active rewards for their current Rewards Level and purchase items with their accumulated credits in the Credit Shop.

What is the Milestone Payment System?

The Milestone Payment System is a special feature that allows controlled payments to be made for the awarded freelancer on a project. 
Freelancer can get invoicing for every transaction in Project Payment History.

When a contract ends, clients usually leave you feedback as part of that process. As a Blockchain freelancer, you can also leave public feedback about your experience with the client. The feedback period is 14 days from the end of a contract.

How does Masters in Blockchain work for Blockchain experts?

Masters in Blockchain opens the global job market to Blockchain experts in all trades and professions. Our unique platform eliminates the need for expensive advertising and lets you offer your talents and skills to the world without ever leaving your home or office. 
All you need to do is sign up, complete your profile, browse projects based on your skills, and place your bid to get the job.

You need to complete your profile first before you can place a bid. You also need to have at least one of the required skills of the project to be able to bid. You can bid for free regardless of your membership level.

Freelancer's Profile is a compilation of successful projects, contests, or sample work completed by freelancers on the site. The Freelancer's Profile listings have been personally reviewed by our experts and approved.

You can take hundreds of free skill tests on MIB that cover a range of Blockchain topics You can take tests to demonstrate your skills. Each exam has a different passing mark (usually it is 75%).

Do I have to pay to take an exam?

Yes, you will be charged for each exam you attempt. Each exam attempt has a nominal fee depending on the type and level of certification.

How does Masters In Blockchain protect me and my work?

At Masters In Blockchain safety and security comes first to ensure the peace of mind of our community members. The profiles of the members are made available to be viewed for evaluating their credibility and reliability. Suspicious or fraudulent activities can be flagged and reported to ensure a safe workplace. For assistance and guidance our dedicated team of customer support is available 24/7. Moreover, once the payment is transferred to the freelancer after the completion of the project the ownership of the project is then transferred to the enterprise/ employer as specified by our Terms of Service.

What can I do to better protect myself?

Being aware of the possible scams and malicious activities at online platforms is the basic key to your safety. Following are various forms of scams and abuses that can possible occur at online workspaces and how you can avoid them: 
Phishing: cross check the information provided or run scan for the attachments available to avoid any unauthorized access to your personal information. 
Free work fraud: never pay anything to the client to work with them. Also do not begin working on any project before official date as described by the contract. 
Direct payments: Masters In Blockchain keeps a check on all the payments made using our secure payment system to ensure your safety. You can report if anyone asks you to perform transaction outside our system.

Does Masters In Blockchain share my information with third parties?

Masters In Blockchain never compromises on its user’s privacy and greatly discourages the misuse or invasion of any sort of personal information that the user intends to keep private. For further information please read our Privacy Policy. However, in case any information is required for instance in case of a subpoena or other legal requirements, you can read more about these instances in terms and conditions.

What should I do if I want to file or resolve a dispute?

Disputes can be reported or assistance can be provided from the Masters In Blockchain support center.

What should I do if I think I’m the victim of a scam?

The safety and security of clients and freelancers is taken very seriously at Masters In Blockchain. If you detect any suspicious activity or scam, contact our customer support center immediately. You can also flag the link as inappropriate over the website.

If you are experiencing issues or have any query, please email info@mastersinblockchain.com